She Burns in my Mind’s Eye

“Girl’s hand holding burning candle. Winter background.” belongs to Marco Verch on Some rights reserved.

she breathes fire
he says
the flames they climb higher
and higher

a year without rain
forests and canopies of large green leaves
soon to become dry, empty deserts of nothing
but a sea of wilted vegetation and yellow sand dunes

she’s beautiful
he says
and I wonder if he believes
in everything he’s been told

eyes blue like summertime skies in California
lips large and red like petals from a rosebud
hair golden like fields of wheat bleached by the sun
a fashion photographer’s wetdream

she’s the thunder in my heartbeat
he says
the rhythm I feel when the right song comes on
and I begin to move my feet

it’s the madness I’ve been told
the strangest of strange
the most curious of all
a strange quest of youthful lust
a lost journey into being understood by another

it’s her beauty
he says
that will last me a lifetime
amid the everyday diagnosis of too-many faces to remember
too many names to repeat

she burns with the force of a million dazzling suns
blinds his sight and suffocates his speech
makes him mute and deaf to all around him

an army of man of similar minds
lost in the destruction of their own beings
chasing after acceptance and social status

he gives a silent sigh
and when all the world is lost
she is the flame that keeps on burning


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