Seeking Thunder

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Lightning slips down
the window pane
to land on the first floor

Lightning is a woman
looking for her lost Thunder
Her idea of storm
stolen by smog in the sky

A beating heart of solid cloud
and liquid electricity
in a core of wind and rain

Nothing could make her happier
than a reunion with Thunder
She dances through the skies
striking the landmasses of the Earth

Searching for Thunder
panicky hope of a relative or lover
streaming down from the sky


Tonight the skies are crying

Where in the ether
was the last time you saw your thunderhead,
bleats the wretched Sparrow
trapped in a gust of wind

I don’t remember
I don’t know

the Redwoods mourn their miserable fate
confessing their innocence
stressing their exclusion
from an unholy scheme to steal Thunder

Six A.M. misery and agony
anguished Lightning ponders the absence
of her loud and brash Thunder

Where could he have gone

He could not be
hiding in the mountains or rolling hills
of a crumpled tissue
beneath an Oxford mahogany desk
nor mumbling and murmuring
in the bubbling of a forest brook

He could not have been
taken captive in the roaring rapids of a grand river
Nor held prisoner in a delicate birdcage
drowned out by a disguise of birdsong
steel ribcages clanking against one another
hemming in the drumbeat of his rhythmic pulse

Lightning stills the sky
all of nature shellshocked from her scream
she spreads her wings
slashing through the sky
leaving gashes of rain behind

Counting the echo of human heartbeats
Lightning waits until a gasp of sound breaks the silence
Thunder is taking no captives tonight


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