Maiden of Earth and Air

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Between reality and fiction
somehow she got lost
somewhere under the earthly sun
she found worthwhile delusion

Lost but not alone
she finds solace
in her own foolish courage
someplace inside this internal forest
she found a mirage called home

You are made of Earth and air
head lost in the clouds
dreaming of the day
when you find your gilded way

Maiden of Earth and air
her most secret of desires
guides her through
the darkest of chaotic youth

But he is an angel
who has never dreamed
of the depths of Hell
nor ever chased after
those who fell

Born of Earth and air
she has the shyest
and the most guarded of hearts
once the brightest
her mind—a sum of its parts

Their meeting finds foundation
on a fleeting bridge of time
rooted in fantasy
hers bound on belief
the image of him of insanity

Born of steel and starlight
the angel lends his light
to the truth of mortality
and within it can be found
the maiden’s quest for sanity

She seeks a sanctuary
to rest her mind
from that mental journey
where reason can be sorted
from rhythm and rhyme

A place of tranquil shelter
she insists upon
devoid of manic laughter
hidden behind an open palm
and terribly miserable weather


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